Craig and Marc’s true story of how they got into foot worship?

Craig started at a construction company and on his first day he walked into the office/the whole building-there were guys in socks and some barefoot in office. It was a true mandatory shoeless office. He heard about those from a friend whom he used to know. Craig’s love of men’s feet was something he kept on downlow like most guys in the company. They are mainly married, and straight and some gay. The first day, he was in office. The other guy he worked with was sitting at his desk and his toes were sticking out from under the desk-Craig was hard and happy. It seems that he wanted to sniff or suck those toes. As three more came into the building, he watched them take shoes off at door, Boots and more boy did the place smell of sweaty feet.

It is common in many industrial offices and more-That afternoon the manager-boss-owner was in his office with his feet up and Craig came in and the guy said Boy!! Now come on you know you want to sniff stick your face in and inhale. Craig did and loved it. Although, this was the first time Craig ever sniffed feet before., he loved feet his whole life but never had the chance to experience it. Come to find out that day, all the guys in office sniffed each other’s feet. They would pass sock around and sniff as a motivational tool. They would all suck each other ‘s toes. Craig was the new guy-this is where he met Marc. Marc used to be the one who would take their shoes off with his teeth by the door. It became a ritual for all-then the manager and the other 7 guys who worked in this company decided we should incorporate foot worship into the job duties.

Well it was great, Craig was excited to be under the desk of the sup he was assigned to Derek. He loved it. He was a straight guy with a hot girlfriend but also loved to sniff Matts feet after craig was done. This was a great team building-sort of pinch finger as a child trick- for brotherhood and trust and bond-more like dominance and like who is the best-this is common around men. We all know that we keep it on the downlow because woman don’t know and should never know all men agree. All the guys Craig has worked with over the years well some who might not have realised they liked feet -all love feet seeing feet for so long always shoeless.

It makes sense a person ends up liking feet this is what Craig found out when the company he joined was shoeless for 5 years before Craig joined. He found out his boss Mike loved feet and seeing his construction guys in socks all day was a joy for him. He was there for 7 years in total. Since Craig and many other’s in his position don’t like footwear or shoes and never wear them driving or working. It is something many guys love and the feeling shoeless comfy and healthy and sexy. Marc had similar experiences as well after leaving construction he worked in real estate office mandatory shoeless. It Just keeps things clean and comfy and great for bosses who love feet to keep on downlow and enjoy our hard on without being visible. As Marc and Craig believe, it was the best thing to happen to them because it taught them to be strong like being man and handle anything and brotherhood-trust-honesty. Many feel the same.

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