Feel dominant and show them who is boss. Geared towards companies and individuals, foot slaves are people that are hired to be under your desk at work or any corporate setting, whilst providing an enticing foot service to your feet. The duration is your choice and you are in control!

The choice is yours!

Choose from a database of sexy men that will surely please your feet and work effortlessly to arouse you. We can train and guide the foot slave to assist you with your daily tasks, as well as providing a foot worshiping session you won’t forget.

Training sessions are also provided by Aussie Mates Feet and the training process lasts about 2-weeks. They will love the training and once they commence the foot worshiping and sucking techniques, they will love them.

Aussie Mates Feet want to help companies that have foot slaves and we respect their decisions. Start off by recommending a shoeless environment and pick it up from there. It is the ultimate turn-on and fantasy! Purchase our step-by-step foot worship guide to get a feel of what it’s like to be adored.

Craig’s love of feet came about back when he was younger. He realized he has had a male foot fetish at a young age and is proud of it for life so he created this for all guys to be proud of their male foot fetish. His intention is that he wants to bring each and every guys love of feet together so we all share with our fellow foot brothers world wide in a safe place where we can enjoy our love of feet and spread that to other guys who want to get into this as well.

I love my foot community and want us all to love and respect each foot brother

Feet Worshiped

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