I would love good genuine guys that are passionate about helping me and partaking in something fun and exciting. You can invest in my business with cash or just make some fun foot videos from your office.

This part of my website for companies to be part of my site. I want long term relationships with good companies who will help me grow and be happy working for my product and like my product. I am offering companies to make videos for my site in discreet terms-can get a camera under desk and Mask or non-mask videos of them doing foot worship in their offices-call center.

The split is companies make these videos and send them to me to look at I sell it on my site and They get cut of the price-so can be 80 percent Me and 10 percent me. Any company who partners with me will get 10 percent of the profit that is fair-they can house their videos private through a private portal or just through the regular portal because anyone who has a subscription to The site can click in the office section of the site-for companies and purchase the video-It is a good incentive for any company with guys who love feet/have a male foot fetish to come on board and advertise also to find employees who have a foot fetish they can hire and can do any kind of work including Foot worship slaves too-They can order a slave from the database.

And do not forget the 5 dollar a minute that can be made off the live foot cams that can be done under your desk while you work.Just think can make 300 dollars an hour with all the best toe wiggling out there. All you need to do is have a camera under your desk to do foot cams and even driving to work barefoot or socks can do live foot cams at 5 dollars a min

It is all discreet and of course confidential no woman will know and also fun.

So if you want to do the videos then let me know – I can pay you to get them done.


I would love all types of videos-done toe wiggling under the desk and slave under desk and a floor view where camera is on floor and just video of all guy workers in socks and barefoot walking around


You will make a lot of money-we have to sell them well

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